Festive Fun!!

What a lot of fun we’ve been having in Reception, preparing for Christmas! We have decorated our classroom, including a beautiful tree:

We have been colouring in Christmas pictures and perfecting our pencil grip! We have chosen all sorts of different sparkly materials to make a snazzy Christmas hat:

We have also been experimenting with different textures and made some fake snow which was quite slimy and slippery!

In maths we have been thinking about 2D and 3D shapes and we made some lovely square, rectangle, triangle and even hexagon shapes to hang on our tree:

There is also the small matter of our CHRISTMAS PLAY!!! We have been working so hard rehearsing our songs, dances and words. We can’t wait to perform our show for all of you on Friday and Monday! Wish us luck and see you soon…….

Children in Need!

Well done to Reception Class for raising lots of money for children less fortunate than ourselves! Check out our crazy hairstyles and fancy dress:

A dinosaur mystery….

Well I never! This is what Reception Class arrived to on Monday morning:

We were perplexed, astounded and amazed! There were huge footprints all over the place and pieces of broken egg shell everywhere:

It took us absolutely ages to tidy up again:

Then we had to work out what on earth had gone on! We decided that a creature must have visited our classroom and messed it all up. It had to be big, and it had to have come out of an egg. It had three toes and it had run away in the direction of Year 1….

On Tuesday, shock horror! The Year 1 children showed us a terrifying photograph, taken in their little playground downstairs:

We finally had our culprit, a monstrous T-Rex! The Reception children set to work, making wanted posters to stick up all round school so that everyone knew to look out for the rapacious reptile!

On Wednesday, even more scandal. Look what that dirty dinosaur had done on Mrs Harper’s chair…

The children were appalled. Mrs Harper was appalled. Ms Fisher-Ives was appalled. Something had to be done. Reception class built dinosaur traps and although nothing has been caught yet, we will be updating the blog to keep you all informed….



Signs of Autumn at Jerusalem Farm!

What a wonderful morning we had at Jerusalem Farm! We made colour palettes using leaves, petals and herbs that we found in the kitchen garden; we made leaf slides and identified horse chestnut leaves, rowan leaves, ash leaves, beech leaves, oak leaves and many more!

We made fabulous leaf crowns and we also stayed silent for 2 whole minutes and listened to the sounds of the forest!

Everyone had a great time and we were all ready for our dinner when we got home after all that fresh air!

A healthy tea party!

Well, the tiger got our invitations and arrived for the tea party on Friday! Here are some photos to prove it!

The tiger was very brave and tried lots of new things to eat. She tried watermelon, grapes, sandwiches (which the children had made all  by themselves), plums, oranges, carrots and even some houmous!

We spent the afternoon playing with the tiger and even made her a cage, although she escaped fairly quickly!

Mog, mud and a tiger

We have been reading books by the author Judith Kerr this week. We have read lot’s of stories about Mog the cat and her adventures. We have also been reading The Tiger who Came to Tea and have done a great deal of tiger focussed work!

We have made lists of all the food that the naughty tiger ate when he visited Sophie’s house and we have had lengthy discussions about whether the tiger made healthy choices or not! We have decided to invite the tiger for a healthy tea party and everyone made an invitation to send (we’re hoping Mrs Roberts has an address!)

We spent Friday afternoon reading our favourite stories in the outside classroom drinking hot chocolate and marshmallows which admittedly is not particularly healthy but was classed as a treat after all our hard work!

Let’s hope the tiger takes us up on our invitation!


A great start to the year!

What a fabulous week we have all had! It has been great making lots of new friends, everyone is settling in really well! We are learning all about the routines in Reception class, we have navigated the dining room and have got used to playing in our Reception garden and in the big playground. Everyone has been really brave, even when we have felt a bit wobbly!

Here is a photograph of all of us together:

As a celebration of our excellent start we decided to make a cake. Mrs Harper wanted to eat all of it herself, but as we are learning about sharing she decided that it would be best if we all had some.

Everyone had a go at mixing the cake:

We added a few sprinkles:

We decided to make 2 cakes, a pink one and a chocolaty one:

We poured the cake mix into the tins and then baked them in the oven:

They smelled delicious and tasted yummy!

Well done Reception Class! What an excellent (and very tasty) start!


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