Where there’s ‘muck’ – there’s magic!

During science, we have been investigating a range of micro-organisms (including mold and yeast) and what they need to grow.

The year 6 children decided they would like to make their own compost bins.  We spent time in our wildlife garden and poly tunnel preparing the compost bins made from: reused materials such as pop bottles, old newspaper, leaves and grass, fruit and vegetable peel.

Over the next few months, we will be monitoring our mini eco-systems to see the materials break down into compost.  We may even plant some seeds and re-use them as plant pots!



As part of the Year 6 RE topic ‘What is compassion?’ the children have been learning about the difficulties, often life-threatening, that refugees and asylum seekers experience.  Children played a game of ‘Safe Place Ludo’ from the Christian Aid website, which helps children to understand the challenges facing people who are making difficult journeys to escape fighting and to find a safe place to live.



During our current science topic ‘plants and animals’, the children decided it would be a great idea to support our local area by planting trees.

Trees logo medium

We contacted ‘Treesponsibility’ a local group who work hard to educate people about the need for action on climate change, to involve local communities in tree-planting, and to improve our local environment and biodiversity for the benefit of local people and future generations. In recent years they have been focusing much of their attention on tree planting for flood mitigation, and work in partnership with bodies such as the Environment Agency, Calderdale Council and the National Trust.

Since its formation in 1998, Treesponsibility has planted an average of 5 hectares every year – that’s over 12 acres of new woodland per year.

We worked extremely hard and planted over 100 trees!  We’ll definitely return to help next year.

Treesponsibility is also founding member, and a key delivery partner in The SOURCE partnership, which aims to take preventative action to help create a healthy, resilient and biodiverse landscape, for the benefit of all the people in the Calder alley both now, and in future years.

If you would like to find out more about ‘Treesponsibility’ please contact them at http://www.treesponsibility.com

School of Rock

On Tuesday 13th February 2018 the Y6 children visited Calder High to watch their dress rehearsal of ‘School of Rock’.  This was performed in the Ted Hughes Theatre and was fantastic!

Rather than taking the pupils in our own minibuses, to help them with their transition to high school, they read the bus timetable, caught the public bus and managed their own bus fare and tickets.

Y6 visit Eden Camp – in the snow!

Eden Camp


To support our learning in our current WWII topic we have recently visited Eden Camp.  Although it was absolutely freezing, we loved exploring each of the old prisoner-of- war huts.  Below you will find a list of some of the things we discovered whilst there – click on the hyperlink to discover more:


During lunchtime, we enjoyed hot chocolate and soup – in the hope of keeping warm!

Victorian assembly

To conclude our unit of work on the Victorians, the year six pupils invited parents and carers into school to watch an assembly.  Impressively, the children had written their own scripts which demonstrated the wide range of cross-curricular learning which had taken place over the last seven weeks: they demonstrated to parents and pupils what learning would have looked like in the Victorian classroom; they recited songs, poems and chanted tables; they also informed everyone about life in the workhouse, child labour during the Industrial Revolution and the inspiring work of Dr Barnardo and his charity for destitute children.


Pupils showcased their learning in art, demonstrating how they completed artwork inspired by William Morris and also puppets created during DT lessons.  They finished their assembly with a funny Punch and Judy puppet show!

Bradford Industrial Museum

A Local History Experience: A Victorian Classroom

Yesterday year six visited Bradford Industrial Museum and Moorside Mills which was built around 1875.  To support our learning of the Victorian era children visited Moorside Board School.  During the workshop children experience what life would have been life as local mill working children.

Our Victorian Master was very strict and demonstrated the use of the cane and Dunce’s cap.  During our workshop we experienced how learning would have looked like in the classroom.  Some of the activities were copywriting the letters of the alphabet with dip pens, chanting our times tables using slates to work out maths calculations and singing period songs and hymns such as ‘All things bright and beautiful’.  To answer questions we had to stand up and wait for the Master to acknowledge us!  It was very realistic and we learned how hard (and boring) it would have been.


After our workshop we explored the rest of the mill and discovered lots about the industrial life of Victorian Bradford.  We found out about the significance of the mill industry and the local educational reform for children.

Y6 Head Boy and Head Girl elections

Head Boy and Head Girl

Our current Y6 children had the opportunity to stand for Head Boy and Head Girl for 2017-2018.  During an assembly, each candidate had the chance to present their election speech.  All children in KS2 were then given a ballot paper and time to vote.

The results are now in!  We are extremely proud to introduce:

Joshua Antcliffe and Rowan Harper as our current Y6 Head boy and girl.

Their deputies are Lucy Payne and Kashan Akram.


Well done to all candidates for presenting their fantastic election speeches.


Mount Cook

Last week, Mrs Webb and Mrs Maddock took the year 5 children to Mount Cook in Matlock, Derbyshire.  Whilst there, children took part in a wide range of activities including: survival skills – den building and making a fire; outdoor quiz and night hikes; buggy building, fencing, rocket launch and a 70ft high gladiator wall and trapeze.

The children loved every experience – especially the food – and their team work and co-operation skills were fantastic.  We had an amazing time and wanted to stay for an entire week.

Please join us at our coffee and cake afternoon on Friday 23rd June to see more photographs!

Small Schools Swimming Gala

On Friday children in KS2 participated in the small schools swimming gala. All the children were fantastic and some children won medal for their races.

Well done to

Lucy  who came 1st in the front crawl

Imogen  2nd in the backstroke

Millie, Asha and Erica who came 3rd in the girls relay

Alice who came third in the backstroke

and Brooke who came 3rd in the backstroke.

This is the first time that we have come back from the swimming gala with medals.

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