World War II

World War II

On Monday 28th November, Year 5/6 came into school dressed as a child from the 1940’s and each child was given a new name for the day relevant to the era – such as Doreen Sawyer, Frank Tankersley and Douglas Wolfenden.  During their afternoon topic lesson, the children took part in a surprise mock evacuation to help them to empathise with children who were evacuated during World War 2.  The children were taken from the classroom unexpectedly and taken to the driveway. Here they had to listen carefully to instructions about which train station they would be going to and what their destination would be. Following the experience, the children were asked to write a letter home to their parents explaining their thoughts and feelings.

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  1. That was so much fun. I remember the air raid and us going outside, it was so exiting.


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